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For centuries Muslims around the world celebrate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in various ways during the month he was born - Rabi'ul Awwal. ImamConnect is putting together this promo to add on to your celebrations with Service Providers around the world.

Get 20% off for booking any of these Service Providers on ImamConnect for the service Seerah & Storytelling, between Friday 16 October 2020 until Sunday 1 November 2020.

Click here to view the full list of Service Providers who conduct Seerah & Storytelling! See below and click on their name to see their individual profiles.



  • Imam Asim Khan - Spiritual Life Coach is has been delivering services across London mosques for the last 5 years and also published author of the top-selling book "The Heart of the Qur'ān".
  • Abdul-Rehman Malik - Leadership Consultant is an award winning journalist, educator and cultural organizer. In June 2019 he was appointed Lecturer and Associate Research Scholar at the Yale Divinity School.
  • Raudhatus Syifa - Teacher is based in Kuala Lumpur who actively have classes in the Klang Valley with the English, Malay and Indonesian speaking communities.
  • Chaplain Tricia Pethic is one of a small, but growing, number of Muslims trained through an accredited Islamic chaplaincy program based in New York and Vermont.



  • Dr. Bano Murtuja - along with her husband Nader Khan run First Spring (Rabi al-Awwal)to #ShareTheProphet through various artistic means including song, storytelling and education.
  • Rakin Niass - Life Coach & Family Counsellor is the director of Save Our Boys, an organisation set up to support and guide the youth who are going astray and involved in gangs.
  • Imam Abdullah Antepli is one of the very few well trained pastoral care provider and counsellor who provides mental health support from an Islamic perspective.
  • Zaakira Jamal - Teacher is mother of two, memorizer and teacher of the Qur'an and basic Islamic Studies focusing mainly on the younger aged generation based in South London.



  • Jumana Moon - Storyteller is a traditional oral storyteller with a wide repertoire of stories and a particular love of stories from Islamic tradition.
  • Naielah Ackbarali - Life Coach & Islamic Studies is passionate about inspiring Muslim women by way of spreading the beauty of living an Islamic life who also written five books.
  • Imam Dr Usama Hasan has served as an imam in the UK for over 35 years mainly at Masjid al-Tawhid in London (Leyton) and conducted nikahs in many countries.
  • Muqtedar Khan - Academic founded the Islamic Studies Program at the University of Delaware and was its first Director from 2007-2010 and written five books.



  • Farhan Masud - Teacher has been actively teaching children (aged 9-18) Hanafi fiqh, aqeedah (creed) and hadith studies.
  • Imam Mohammed Hammad was recognised as the Most Impactful Imam in Britain in 2019 which was awarded by the national Mosque Beacons Awards for his outstanding work.
  • Ustadha Wan Nadia started teaching Quran at age 17 to English speaking Muslims in her community in Singapore and regionally.
  • Imam Dr Tarek Elgawhary is a scholar of Islam and comparative religions having studied at both Princeton University and al-Azhar Seminary.


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