Ultimate Ramadan Experience Package

  • Quran Recitation Group Classes
  • Seerah, Storytelling & Ahadith Sessions
  • Sermons
  • Islamic Coaching
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- Quran Recitation Group Classes: This is a one month subscription having four classes per week, totaling 16 classes of 30 minutes each in the month of Ramadan.
- Seerah, Storytelling & Ahadith Sessions: Two bi-weekly sessions in the month of Ramadan, each lasting 30 minutes
- Sermons: Led by qualified Imams, there will he two bi-weekly sermons in the month of Ramadan, each lasting 30 minutes
- Islamic Coaching: Our qualified coaches in these group coaching sessions will teach you useful practices and answer any questions you may have regarding certain topics. These again will be two bi-weekly sessions, each lasting 30 minutes.



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