Sarah Rabet- $800 6 month gut restore programme (includes comprehensive lab test)


Perfect for: those suffering with unresolved digestive symptoms, those wishing to target root causes of chronic health issues, unexplained fatigue and brain fog, resistance to weight loss. 

Optimising your gut health is the foundation for overall health & wellbeing. With an increasing number of studies extrapolating the myriad functions of the gut, it is an important starting point for anyone who is experiencing digestive symptoms or those suffering with a chronic health condition e.g. obesity, with or without digestive symptoms.

An initial consultation will give you an opportunity to discuss your health concerns and you will agree on a personalised nutrition & lifestyle programme to kick-start your journey to better health. 

You will be given your GI EcologiX™ Grastrointestinal Health & Microbiome test kit (RRP 468 dollars) to perform in the comfort of your own home.

The GI EcologiX™ stool test uses cutting edge technology and is the most sophisticated and comprehensive test to give accurate analysis of your gut microbiome. The technique used to examine the microbe populations looks for the presence of DNA rather than relying on the growth of the microbes under laboratory conditions. The test measures bacteria, yeast, parasites, markers of digestion, intestinal health & inflammation and gut permeability or ‘leaky gut’.

You will be supported for 6 months on this package, giving you an opportunity to understand the root causes behind your symptoms and to implement a nutrition and lifestyle plan to address your particular needs.

Program includes:

  • Initial consultation (90 minute) + Test: GI EcologiX™ Grastrointestinal Health & Microbiome Profile (2-4 weeks for results)
  • 1 hour follow up consultation to review test results
  • 4 x 30 minute consultations (4-6 weeks in between each session)
  • Nutritional/Herbal Supplement regimen – (at extra cost, please note this programme usually requires more than one supplement (costs vary). 



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