Sameera Hashim - 6 weeks Whole Child Parenting Course




2.5 hours sessions are held every week for 6 weeks with focus on the following:

✓ Transform into a calm and collected person and a regulated parent

✓ How to identify your triggers and childhood traumas, heal your inner child

✓ How to work collaboratively with cooperation from your kids without yelling, nagging, and coercion

✓ How to stop the daily battles

✓ Understand your own emotions, feelings, thoughts and actions

✓ How to change your patterns and stop hitting/screaming

✓ How to become a peaceful parent and enjoy your child's company

✓ Discover how to set boundaries and limits

✓ Learn all about emotional regulation: For yourself and your children

✓ Transform your relationship with your children to one that os harmonious, peaceful and one that you always wanted.

The Learning Journey:

1. Weekly live zoom classes with Coach Sameera Hashim

2. Small group coaching capped at 10 participants

3. Three months exclusive WhatsApp access to ease your transition into respectful parenting

4. Printable Handouts and worksheets

5. Monthly follow up zoom sessions with the group

6. Over 30 Respectful Parenting Tool Cards shared during sessions

7. Access and links to online learning resources, including Whole Child Parenting Book Club and a lot more!

Learning investment:

USD 195/-

Tentative Start Date:

17th September, 2022

Every Saturday 3 pm -5.30 pm PST (UTC + 5 Karachi, Islamabad)


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