Musarrat Binti Salam - Instagram Coaching Programm (5 months)




What the program would entail:
(Module 1)
Social Media Mindset
L1: What prevents you from showing up on Instagram

L2: Positive Social Media Mindset and how you can achieve it

L3: Relationship marketing and how you can implement it in your business

L4: Theory of "1000 true fans."

L5: Vanity Metrics

(Module 2)
Instagram Audit & strategy plan
L1: Identifying your unique message/voice/mission/vision

Why is Instagram marketing important for businesses?

L2: Writing down your Instagram Goals

L3: Audience Analysis, Define your target audience

L4: Create an eye-catching Instagram profile and optimise your bio with keywords

(Module 3)
All about branding
L1: Branding and its importance for your business

L2: How to Build Your Instagram Brand Identity (Personal Branding)

L3: Brand logo, fonts & colours

L4: Instagram Aesthetics & feed layout

L5: Art of Storytelling

(Module 4)
Instagram Mania Part 1
L1: Instagram content 2022 (currently what IG prioritising, what is working and what is not working)

L7: Why does consistency matter in Instagram Marketing? (3 Cs of Instagram content creation, consumption,curation & creation)

L2: Types of content, Prioritize Creating Original Instagram Content

L3: How to curate your content pillars (from your marketing goals)

L4: Slay it on Instagram Posts (Static content)

L5: Slay it on Instagram stories + Highlights

L6: Slay it on Instagram Reels, Focus on Publishing Instagram Reels and Video Content, Allow People to Remix Your Instagram Video Content, How you can use the Reels templates for Inspirations

(Module 5)
Instagram Mania Part 2
L1: The productive way to plan your content on IG (for example (visuals, caption

types, hashtag type), Hashtag Research + Engagement, Valuable Captions

L2: How to use your content calendar using your content pillars

L3: Sustaining your content creation process (batching/creating in steps/choosing the easiest medium/sticking to a routine/creating from flow/tapping into your creativity (implementation week ahead)

(Module 6)
How to continue growing on Instagram
L1:Overview of the module + the importance of it

L2: Launch an Instagram Shop (for Product based business), link in bio for your service-based business where clients can easily access your services & meeting booking link

L3: Instagram Ads

L4: Instagram giveaways, collaborations on feed posts

L5: Publish Consistently to Retain New and Existing Followers


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