Muhibullah - Self-Awareness Program




Six (6) 90-minute sessionsone session per week (Via Zoom) for six (6) weeks + PM, email in between sessions + resources. We'll connect for six 90-minute coaching sessions, beginning with a deep dive assessment of your
goals, barriers, and beliefs, we uncover what the actual issue is and what it takes for you to actually achieve your goals or at least be set on a solid path to achieving them within 6 weeks. Using my tailored approach, we will use any and all modalities, tools, and techniques available to us to help you dismantle the habits, behaviors, and patterns that are holding you back from achieving your goals. We will create new habits to free you to make the changes you desire. We’ll set an action plan in place, and you’ll have direct access to me via messaging and email during our 6 weeks together. We'll utilize the most impactful tools at our disposal to continue breaking down walls and rebuilding new foundations for your future.


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