Jemimah Hawatt - $1900 Lavendar (6 Antenatal Consultations +3 Postpartum Consultations)




A comprehensive service that covers everything you need to know for a smooth pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Lavender also includes Nutrition Consultancy Consultations.

The package includes:

. 6 Antenatal Consultations. Topics covered include:

positive mental health during pregnancy

nutritional requirements of each trimester (and how to support your growing baby)

managing pregnancy complications + symptoms

thorough birth education + options

writing a birth plan

calm, transformational, positive birthing

self care + acceptance

sacred intimacy during pregnancy

hypnotherapy and mind reset

preparing for postpartum

And much more!

. 3 Postpartum Consultations. Topics Include:

successful breastfeeding

emotional support

healing techniques

nutritional requirements for healing, breastfeeding and nourishing your baby

bonding with your baby

And much more!

You will also receive all the relevant information, links and resources along the way. During this time you have access to me via email, and messages, and we can stay in touch to ensure you're coping well and all of your questions are answered.

Consults are done via phone call, and are 1 hour each.

* note: antenatal sessions may also involve the birth partner if this is preferred. During this time we briefly go over preparation for him, whereby he may also learn how to support you best during labour and early parenting.


Beginning at 27+ weeks: $1300

Beginning at 13 + weeks: $1600 (2 extra consultations included)

Beginning at 3+ weeks: $1900 (3 extra consultations added)


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