Hina Hussain - 12 Sessions




12 to 16 sessions depending on the condition of the client:

We will work on Negative Thinking , Negative Emotions like anger , sadness, fear, guilt betray , anxiety, limiting beliefs & inner conflicts.

In 12 sessions, you could: 

  • Have the confidence to really put yourself out there in your career, in love, in business, in relationships
  • Be free of the limiting beliefs that are keeping you in analysis paralysis
  • Let go of the past hurt, pain and betrayal that keeps you from connecting with the people you love most
  • Shed the emotional weight of the past that could be keeping the physical weight on
  • Become a master communicator… one that attracts, inspires and motivates the people in your life
  • Activate the law of attraction in your life and produce more opportunities, income, and incredible results in your life
  • Feel like you were completely at the source of your life, and have the confidence to know that you can produce whatever results you truly put your mind to


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