Hamzah Lambat - Quranic Lessons




Al-Qur’an lessons. 30 minutes per session. *Book 10 sessions and get the final session free*

It is advisable to undertake at least two lessons per week.

Lessons are designed to facilitate structured progression; when I teach my students to recite the Quran from scratch, I begin by teaching Arabic phonics (sounds of the letters of the Arabic alphabet). Determined by the speed of the learner, lessons progress onto decoding and segmenting Arabic letters and blending and joining letters to make full words. At this final stage, the learner will be able to recite full verses of the Quran followed thereafter by reciting full surahs of the Quran independently.

It is worth noting that the speed of this learning process will be determined by the student and their needs. Furthermore, after a free ten-minute initial assessment, it will be determined whether the student needs to begin the process from the beginning or not. Each session will have a clear learning questions and learning strategies will be outlined where required. I will also bring into session resources I have edited to a high level which I initially gained access to whilst working with the National Curriculum in a school environment.


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