Back to School Crash Course with Nabila Hoda


Date: Sunday 5th September 2021

Time: 5pm – 7pm UK time / 12pm-2pm US EST

The new school year is fast approaching! Many students will be resuming in-person instruction. With the excitement of face-to-face learning can come feelings of nervousness and general unpreparedness. Set you and your child up for success in the upcoming academic year by enrolling in our 2hr interactive workshop led by parent and child coach Nabila Hoda.

Nabila Hoda will be taking you through the back to school essentials for parents such as: the warning signs of distress (how to spot them and what to do), instilling both academic and social confidence in your child, and establishing a healthy school/life balance.



Do you see yourself in any of these:

  1. My child is nervous about going back to school.

  2. My child struggles with making friends sometimes or is quiet in social situations.

  3. My child struggles with their self-esteem

  4. My child struggles with time management

  5. My child makes up excuses to avoid going to school.

  6. My child struggles to tell me what is bothering them.

  7. I want my child to have a successful school year.

  8. I want my child to feel comfortable,safe, and happy to go to school.

  9. I believe my child’s well-being is the most important part of their school experience.

About Coach Nabila Hoda 


Nabila is a Parent and Child coach and her mission is to empower parents and children to lead happier, more enriched lives through personalized coaching.

Nabila has taught in International schools in Singapore as well as at the ADAMS Center in USA as an Islamic studies teacher for 5 years. During her time at the ADAMS Center, she mentored Muslim teenage girls. She has over 10 years of experience as a Parent Coach and has also worked as a Child Coach for over 5 years. Nabila is also an experienced teacher trainer and has trained Pre-School and Elementary school teachers for over 4 years.







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