Shaima Shariff - Accelerate Sales Process Method




(8 weeks Intensive Program)

What it entails:
- 1:1 weekly calls
- 1:1 private access chat support
- Worksheets personalized on the needs
Summary- In a nutshell, it includes everything that involves Sales & Sales conversations on Instagram from generating quality leads to converting potential clients to paid clients at the prices truly desired.

Modules covered:
- Sales Foundations & Mindset - so it helps with strong foundations to take decisions as a leader
- Relationship with money- helps to heal from money wounds & build a healthy money mindset to approach money in a healthy way
- Pricing- to learn factors of pricing and what to consider when pricing
- Money making activities- helps to have a pipeline of hot leads who are ready to buy (currently organic only)
- DM conversation- helps with structuring conversations from initiating to selling
- Mastering Sales Calls- Helps with handling objections & intense training via mock practice sale call


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