Some Coaching Might Fix “My children are having issues with authority” - Nabila Hoda

Raising children in the modern world

It takes a village to raise a child. But urban or modern parents nowadays do not have that entourage privilege. Nevertheless whatever the makeup at home, parenting remains a challenge. Nabila Hoda, Parent and Child Coach at ImamConnect, emphasizes that every generation must raise their children sensitive to the era they are in. For her, she believes that there is no cookie cutting advice nor magic pill when it comes to parenting. She also stressed on the importance of realizing the role of parents is not to ‘fix’ your children but rather to help mould and point them to the right direction.


“My child has shut me out”

“My child is addicted to the screen”

“My children are having issues with authority”

These are just some of the complaints and problems faced by her clients when it comes to handling their children. On top of that, parents these days not only find it difficult to have their children listen to what they say but they also find their children to be unmotivated and lack the vigour that young children usually had back in those days.


Nabila, Parent and Child coach, whose mission is to empower parents and children to lead happier, more enriched lives.

Empowering Parents and Children through Coaching

Holding a Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching and Learning as well certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Child Psychology and Mental Well-Being in Children, it has been her mission to empower parents and children to lead happier, more enriched lives through personalized coaching. Nabila Hoda currently offers Parent Coaching for expectant parents and parents with children ages 0 to 14 years old. Apart from that, this Diploma in Early Childhood Education graduate also offers child coaching service (life coaching for children ages 7 to 14 years old to help them with anxiety, lack of motivation, behavioural issues, confidence, and academic problems. As a former Islamic studies teacher of 5 years at International schools in Singapore as well as at ADAMS Center in the USA, Nabila Hoda knows how to handle children well.


As children begin to explore the world and learn on their own, they will develop their own personality and mindset. The parent's role to is serve as a torch to guide the way.

Seeking a coach’s help might be the helping hand that you need

As a coach, she offers best research-based parenting practices and help parents to manage their stress and find ways to take care of themselves. Oftentimes when parents are facing difficulties in handling their children, people will straightway tell them to go to pediatricians, psychiatrists or counsellors when, in fact, meeting and consulting a coach will do just fine at an early stage.

Nabila Hoda once consulted a non-Muslim mother who is having problem with her five years old child’s non-stop tantrum. It is important to note that noisy households with children are not the norm. Endless tantrum is something that needs to be handled. When she talked with the mother, she realised that the root cause of the problem was a power struggle by the way the mother has set up the household. Children want and need power and a sense of agency but there is an appropriate way to give it.


In a world that increasingly relies on technology, it's absolutely essential for parents to build transparency and mutual respect with their children.

As a part of her services, she looks at behavior problems and help parents and children to find effective ways to address issues such as aggression, sibling rivalry and defiance. Her coaching also involves coming out with strategies that support the child’s physical, emotional and social development as well assisting parents to create a plan to address child care issues or educational problems.

Indeed parenting is challenging but it should not always be that way. Nabila Hoda encourages parents to recognize when it is time to seek professional’s view and insights. When it comes to parenting, her biggest takeaway is for parents to be open minded and accept that great things take time. As children begin to explore the world and learn on their own, they will develop their own personality and mindset. As a parent, it is your role to serve as a torch to guide the way.

Nabila Hoda offers her services on ImamConnect - click here to view her profile.


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