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The world we live in today is complex to navigate through even for those learned in the Deen. Without a doubt, many of the great Islamic seminaries in the Muslim world offer an excellent grounding in the traditional sciences. However, in order to be able to function effectively as a Muslim community leader in the West, one would need to couple one’s knowledge in the traditional Islamic sciences with modern disciplines. The imam would need an array of knowledge to address contemporary discourses within his community.

About Cambridge Muslim College


Founded in 2009, Cambridge Muslim College (CMC), offers a bridge between the classical intellectual tradition of Islam and that of the West which allows its graduates to address contemporary discourses within the community. Its Founder, Dr. Timothy J. Winter, or better known as Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad is himself an academic at the Divinity School at Cambridge University.


Shaykh Abdal Murad with CMC's alumni

CMC graduates have benefitted the Muslim community in Britain; and beyond since it has attracted enrollment beyond the UK. They are able to deliver the traditional Islamic sciences to their communities whilst holding their ground at intellectual discourses – find out more about CMC by visiting their website and YouTube channel.

Experience as a student at CMC

The alumni of CMC was invited to speak on their experience as a student at CMC in celebrating a decade of CMC's establishment. One of them is Imam Mohammed Hammad, who offers his service on ImamConnect. Watch this video to find out who they are.


CMC Graduates on ImamConnect

The following is a list of CMC graduates who offer their services vis-à-vis the ImamConnect platform. To find out more about their services, click here.


Imam Mohammed Hammad

Imam Mohammed Hammad 

Imam Mohammed Hammad plays an integral role in his community; running communal activities, workshops, social events, and homeless outreach programmes. He also runs the popular YouTube Channel, DustToDiamonds, with his wife who is also a CMC graduate. In 2020, he received an award with the Mayor's Community Champion for the extensive inter-faith and community work he participated in across UK. Imam Mohammed Hammad was a part of the Book A Personal Storyteller workshop by ImamConnect in conjunction with the blessed month of the Prophet PBUH in October 2020.

Click here to learn more about Imam Mohammed Hammad.


Ustadh Faraz Abid

Ustadh Faraz Abid 

Ustadh Faraz’s experience includes having worked as a chaplain in Addenbrooks Hospital for patients who do not have family members present with them. While he was still a student, he had the privilege to be part of a delegation to meet the Pope in Rome and performed Nasyeed on BBC Radio 4. He is also the founder of the Fatimah Foundation, a platform that encourages Muslim youth to further their appreciation of Islam, and is currently working as an Arabic and Islamic Studies Tutor.

Click here to learn more about Ustadh Faraz Abid.

Hamza Lambat

Hamza Lambat – Islamic Studies Tutor and Speaker

Hamza Lambat specialises in teaching Islamic studies to Muslim children with learning difficulties and is active in giving talks both live, at community centers and masjids online, and online via the internet. He had also been responsible for answering queries about Islam for the Muslim Council of Britain. Part of his service offered on ImamConnect is he helps to build the Arabic language literacy skill through shared reading, games (for children), and activities.

Click here to learn more about Hamza Lambat.

Imam Habib Khan

Imam Habib Khan 

Habib Khan wears many hats; he is a teacher, speaker, writer, researcher, consultant, singer, youth worker, humanitarian, and environmentalist. He had always been keen on redefining what an Imam should be, in the current context in which we live, so this intent drove him to develop many interests in the community at the local, national, and global community levels. Among his key focus are the Bosnian Genocide and the incorporation of Islamic values into the healing of mental health.

Click here to learn more about Imam Habib Khan.


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