Mindful Parenting: Tips for Balancing Screen Time and Nurturing Healthy Habits in Children

We live in times when screens have become an indispensable part of our daily routines, especially for children and teenagers. Whether it involves being glued to their mobile phones during family times, or spending hours engrossed in gaming sessions on tablets or laptops, this escalating dependence on technology and digital devices is becoming a significant concern for parents.

Several research studies underline the negative physical health implications of extended screen time on children, including obesity, headaches, sleep disturbances, eye strain, and posture issues. Also, constant exposure to digital devices can hinder a child’s cognitive development, promotes aggressive behavioural patterns, and negatively impact their academic performance.

Seeking a Qualified Parent-Child Coach to develop personalized strategies to limit your child’s screen time? Looking for assistance in understanding the underlying reasons and motivations behind your child’s screen addiction? Look no further, Parent-Child Coaches at ImamConnect can offer valuable insights to you and your child on the potential impacts of excessive screen time, fostering a balanced, mindful, and healthy relationship with screens and technology.

Tips for nurturing healthy screen habits in children

Here are some practical tips for setting screen time limits and mindful use of technology for your child:

Designate screen-free zones

It’s essential to balance your child’s screen time and other healthy, engaging activities for mental and intellectual stimulation, such as reading, writing, outdoor games, or socializing. For this, designate areas in your household where screens should be banned, such as the dinner table, lounge, or bedroom. Also, lead by example and avoid using mobile phones excessively.

Set daily screen time limits

Set a daily screen time limit for your child on all the devices they own or use. Once they have hit the consumption limit, encourage them to engage in other activities. Also, when you are out as a family, stack all phones on one side of the table and engage in meaningful discussions. You can also set specific days in a month when all digital devices should be off-limits for the entire family.


Encourage outdoor activities

Nature can be an excellent antidote for a complete digital detox. Encourage your children to walk in the neighborhood, cycle with friends, and participate in outdoor sports such as hiking, football, and cricket. These activities can be a catalyst for promoting physical health, reducing stress, building social connections, and facilitating a healthier and active lifestyle.

Encourage them to explore hobbies

Encourage your child to pursue new hobbies or rekindle some old ones. Dedicate a fixed amount of time to this hobby, which can be anything: gardening, painting, baking, reading books, or cooking. It will allow your child to expend their energies and time in something constructive and creative, advance their problem-solving skills, and boost their self-esteem.

Is your child’s excessive use of mobile phones causing behavioural and psychological issues? Are you stressed out due to your child’s social media addiction? The Parent-Child Coaches at ImamConnect can help your child embark on a digital detox, enabling them to bond with family, make new friends, explore nature, discover new hobbies, and excel academically. They can also support you in reinforcing positive screen time habits in your child, tackling behavioral challenges such as aggression and depression, and structuring a personalized plan for mindful parenting.

Book a session today and support your child in embracing responsible screen-time boundaries and enjoying a lifestyle free of digital distractions.


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