5 Muslim-Produced Podcast Episodes To Inspire, Educate and Enlighten

Ever found yourself looking for your next favourite podcast? Scrolling through recommendations and ‘best of’ lists usually brings up the same names again and again even though we all know that one of the most satisfying parts of diving into the podcasting world is finding those gems that truly speak to us and our interests.  Yet, the sheer amount of podcasts available and a limited time to go through them all can mean that the most compelling, insightful and authentic voices sometimes stay just off the playlist.

So we thought we’d pull together a list that would make it a bit easier. Not of full podcasts, which always seems something of a commitment, but of five favourite episodes from podcasts which inspire us, educate us  and make us consider things from a slightly different perspective. 

These podcasts are all created by Muslim makers and they all feature interviews, conversations or ideas from ImamConnect advisors, founders and service providers - highlighting the dynamic, genuine nature of our ImamConnect community and the positive changemakers within it.

So whether you love Islamic history, are concerned about the crisis in Muslim leadership or want to be inspired by a story of spiritual growth, read below and find your next great listen.


Dalia Mogahed on Identity Politics

Best for… if you care about the future of Muslim leadership

ImamConnect Advisory Board member Dalia Mogahed is the Director of Research at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding.

Here she speaks about being a “professional Muslim”, backlash against Muslim women in leadership and cost-benefit analysis behind being a vocal Muslim leader

Listen to the entire conversation

Interview starts at: 21:28


Muddasar Ahmed on OMG 1400

Best for… if you love Muslim history

The founder and CEO of ImamConnect can be found presenting the fascinating three part series  ‘Who Was Emir Abdel-Kader, the Hero of Humanity?’

Listen now for an insight into this 19th historical figure, whose life and works hold countless lessons for our current times.

Find the first episode here


Arfah Farooq on Shared Diversity

Best For… if you want to build an ethical career doing what you love

ImamConnect team member and Muslamic Makers co-founder Arfah Farooq guests on this episode about ‘making it in tech’.

In this interview, she discusses growing a career in business without compromising your values and the need for creating a community built on trust and service.

Listen to Arfah’s complete interview


Imam Omer Bajwa on Quadcast by Yale Divinity School

Best For… if you like smart interfaith conversations 

An honest and frank discussion with Imam Omer Bajwa, Director of Muslim Life in the Chaplain’s Office at Yale University and ImamConnect service provider.

Imam Omer chats with fellow guests about interfaith relations, shared ‘preaching’ traditions, love for Jesus and hope for the future.

Listen to Imam Omer’s discussion in full


Saleh Clemons on The Journey

Best For… if you are looking for a journey of inspiration

Teacher, Counsellor and Care worker Saleh Clemons can be found on ImamConnect.

In this conversation, he speaks about being his own person, how seeking knowledge can sometimes reveal our own faults and the importance of being present for other Muslims through difficult times.

Listen to Saleh Clemons’ reflections and observations

(Note the creator of this podcast apologises for the initial poor sound quality but it does get better after about the 20:00 minute mark.)


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