Five Benefits of Online Islamic Learning

“Ask Allah for beneficial knowledge.” 

Prophet Muhammad (Ibn Majah, 3843)


As a core, guiding principle of Islam, the encouragement to seek knowledge inspires us to continuously keep questioning, keep learning and keep growing in our understanding of our faith and, it is hoped, in closeness to our Lord.

No matter what stage of life we may be in, the need for Islamic learning never really stops. There is always more to learn, act upon and be inspired by. The idea of sitting in front of a thoughtful and knowledgeable teacher who can expand our minds and hearts is every student’s dream. But, as Covid-19 makes such regular in person gatherings almost impossible our attention has been turned to seriously consider the option of online learning. And we are loving it.

More than just watching YouTube videos, buying audio lessons or tajweed mp3s, true online Islamic learning with a qualified teacher has given us the opportunity to resolve all that made Islamic studies more difficult in the past. Here we outline five major benefits we’ve observed by taking our Islamic learning online.



Keeping ourselves, our children and our communities safe is both a religious and moral obligation. As we continue on in the  shadow of Covid-19, online Islamic learning is a natural solution to connecting with teachers and increasing knowledge while still maintaining our physical safety. 

But safety is not limited to novel viruses and their transmission but is essential to every successful learning environment. We have a duty to ensure that those we learn from are not only qualified but deeply understand the boundaries of the teacher/student relationship. 

With online Islamic learning via ImamConnect, you can be certain that every leader, teacher and guide on the platform is DBS and/or Criminal Background Checked. Additionally, you can ask teachers for references and also consult their reviews. As a parent especially, online Islamic learning gives peace of mind as all lessons can be easily monitored and assessed.



With no need to think about parking, traffic, trains, buses or actual travelling time, an hour-long class will take exactly one hour. Your teacher, too, will not need to worry about anything other than teaching and you can be sure to have their full attention as you both take the class in the comfort and warmth of your own homes or offices. It’s never been so convenient to attend lessons.

If you’re a parent arranging online Islamic learning for your children, then the benefit multiplies exponentially. No more stressful journeys and anxiety about rushing little ones from here to there. The ease of online learning sets each lesson up for success.

Additionally, the freedom from needing to organise a physical space means that students and teachers are able to be more flexible with timings and class sizes. ImamConnect makes it easy to communicate with and book the teacher you need at the time you’d like.



Online Islamic learning is the affordable way to systematically gain beneficial knowledge from qualified teachers. No other Islamic learning environment allows you to choose the options which fit your budget, without compromising the quality of your learning. One-to-one teaching is the most personal, but if you have a small group of friends or children who all want to learn the same subject, online Islamic learning via ImamConnect allows you to discuss options with your preferred teacher and arrange lessons that best suit your own goals and resources.

Not only are rates and learning outcomes transparent, but as a student, you are able to ensure that your teacher is directly compensated for their time and expertise.


Direct Access & Tailored Interactive Learning

As much as we appreciated attending classes in person, we didn’t appreciate not always being able to access our teacher directly or have our questions answered. Sometimes the teacher simply wouldn’t see us or there were too many questions to address efficiently at any one time -  not to mention the lessons when a few students seemed to dominate the entire class. Either way, we were often left with a feeling that our comprehensive understanding of the subject was being compromised.

With online Islamic learning, direct contact with the teacher is maintained throughout the lesson, with teachers using a variety of tools for class engagement depending upon the age of the students and subject they are teaching. 

Within classes, teachers are immediately aware of any written questions and can answer them as they come up. It’s also easier for teachers to check in and make sure all their students understand key concepts before continuing onwards. Want to delve deeper or learn more about a specific topic? Online learning on a platform like ImamConnect allows you to easily arrange further lessons in a timely manner.


Greater Diversity of Subjects

Unlike schools or institutions which may be dependent upon specific term times, locations or class sizes, with online Islamic learning your subject options are nearly limitless. No matter what you want to study, be it anything from Qur’an recitation, Islamic Finance, Arabic Language, Muslim Parenting or the Life of the Prophet Muhammad and beyond, there is a qualified Muslim teacher looking forward to helping you.

With the global online platform at ImamConnect, for the first time, you can easily search for teachers from around the world giving unprecedented access to a great diversity of denominations and perspectives. Mix and match  to build your own, customised Islamic studies timetable and prioritise the subjects most important to your life and heart. Feel confident that the right knowledge at the right time from the right teacher can change not only your soul, but indeed, the entire world.

Ready to dive into the world of qualified online Islamic learning?  Find just the right teacher on ImamConnect.


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