How To Create An Outstanding Profile On ImamConnect

As a Muslim service provider, you are dedicated to offering the best of what you know to your clients and community. Thoughtful, qualified men and women, committed to dynamic care and excellence are a defining aspect of ImamConnect and we are pleased to welcome and connect you to customers from all around the world.

Now that you‘ve joined us, it’s time to create your ImamConnect online profile. Among other things your profile:

  1. Serves as a robust introduction to who you are.
  2. Provides a point of reference for customers searching ImamConnect
  3. Gives potential customers the information they need to determine if you are a good fit for their needs.

*Your actual name

Our research shows that ImamConnect customers are looking for qualified, trustworthy and reliable service providers, so it is essential that your profile reflects not only your skills and specialities, but also your values and approach. Once a customer has made sure you have the necessary expertise, they want to like you and feel they can trust you. Read on to learn how to create an outstanding profile that reaches out beyond the screen.


Start With What You See - Your Profile Picture

A well considered and high quality image of is the first step to building a connection with a potential customer. This image should be of yourself and focus should be on you, the service provider.

If you have a professional photograph or official headshot you use for your business, by all means include it, but also consider adding images which may be more personable or convey a different aspect of your career.

Make sure that all photographs you add to your profile are well lit and appropriate to the service you are offering - in this case holiday pictures and selfies are not a good idea. If you are using a picture that also includes others, perhaps to better illustrate your services, then make sure you have permission to use it. 


Writing Your ‘Detailed Description’

This is where a customer will look to make an initial assessment of your offerings and determine whether or not to contact you. Make it easy for them to get the information they need by making this section clear and engaging without being too long. Your written section should ideally be between 300 and 400 words.  For better readability, we encourage all our service providers to write in the third person.

Remember, the goal of your profile is to encourage potential customers to reach out to you and initiate a successful and positive experience. Use the structure below to reflect your own exceptional services.

  1. Begin With Who You Are

Are you a traditionally educated Imam,  long-time professional, passionate new business owner or perhaps an award-winner? Maybe you’re also a parent or a community activist. Put who you are right at the top of your bio. Highlight your main identities and achievements. Important: your actual name has to be in the title of the listing.

  1. Write About What You Do

Make it simple and specific. This is the place to call attention to your specific skill set and areas of interest and focus on detailing qualifications, particular specializations and any specific local or demographic expertise.

Keep in mind that this is not the place to list all the services you offer, as you will be able to tick them from a comprehensive list later in the profile building process.

  1. Explain Why You Do It

Contextualise your offering and share the ideals and principles which inform your services. Write about what you uniquely bring to your service and how your approach is different from others. Are you driven by a commitment to social justice, dedication to Islamic knowledge or uplifting individuals? Let your potential customers know exactly what inspires you.

  1. End With How You Can Help

Conclude with a statement which focuses upon building a relationship with the potential customer who will be reading your profile and bridging the space between what they need and what you offer. It is here that you can also invite the reader to message you with questions or indicate that you look forward to supporting them.


Choose & Check Details

Now the details of your service and how you would prefer to offer them.

From the drop down menu, choose whether you offer services ‘In-Person’, ‘Online’ or both ‘In-Person & Online’. Where possible, choosing to offer services both in-person and online puts your profile in front of more potential customers from around the world.

Read through the list of services and check the boxes next to all the ones you wish to offer on ImamConnect. We’ve added all the most requested and offered services to this list to keep it as simple as possible for you.

This section is also where you can add the details of your qualifications, years in service, your rate and specific locations.


Keep It Simple But Effective

By following this structure, using crisp images and streamlining your ‘Detailed Description’ section, you will create a precise, targeted and authentic profile which aims to fosters trust and a genuine connection with potential customers searching for Muslim service providers on ImamConnect.



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